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Platform: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): CRL Group PLC

Publishers(s): CRL Group PLC

ReleaseDate: 1985-01-01

Players: 1

Co-op: No

The Rocky Horror Show

Also know as: Rocky Horror Show

Enter at your own risk the domain of Dr. Frank N. Furter in this graphical adventure game based on Richard O'Brien's stage show and movie. Your beloved - Janet (or Brad) - has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Frank'n'Furter who has activated the diabolical Medusa machine to turn her (or him) into stone. Frank, however, has dismantled the De-Medusa (the only machine that will reverse the petrification process) and has scattered the parts around the castle. Frankie knows that you will attempt to save your partner, and it amuses him to watch your feeble efforts as you collect the pieces and attempt to activate them! Time is of the essence as the castle is a disguised space ship and is on final countdown!!!

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Adventure

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