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Platform: Intellivision

Developer(s): APh Technological Consulting

Publishers(s): Mattel Electronics

ReleaseDate: 1980-10-03

Co-op: No

Horse Racing

This game is for 1 up to 6 players. When the game begins, you can place the bets, for the winner or for the first and second place. Then you can choose if an horse must be driven by a player or by the CPU. Only the third and the fourth horse can be driven by the players. There are 3 types of terrain: turf, mud or dry. When the race begins, the horses are speedier at the beginning, slower toward the end. They are different for speed at the starting gate, stamina, speed at the straight line, and for speed with different conditions of the race terrain. You (and the CPU too!) have the whip and the coax to spur a horse, and these tools could be useful to win a race even with a more tired horse.

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