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Platform: MSX

Developer(s): Pony Canyon

Publishers(s): Pony Canyon, Inc.

ReleaseDate: 1986-01-01

Co-op: No

Back To The Future

Also know as: バックトゥザフューチャー

Based on the 1985 movie, you play as a short Marty McFly and must find your mother and father and lead them to the dance so they fall in love before you're out of time. You start in front of the dance then must jump over or on bullies. Do not let them touch you head on or you lose a life. Also watch for toy planes that will dive at you. When you are in front of a building, jump at the windows to open them. You must find your father, who will then follow you. Next, find your mother and lead your father to her. They will both follow you so you lead them to the dance. This ends the round. The next round will have more buildings to search and tougher bullies, like some that leap to catch you in mid-air.

Genre(s): Action

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