front cover

Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Dynamic-Designs

Publishers(s): Nintendo

ReleaseDate: 1997-04-27

Co-op: No

Golf Daisuki! O.B. Club

Also know as: Golf Lovers! Out of Bounds Club

I Love Golf!: Out of Bounds Club is a Super Nintendo game originally released and distributed through the Satellaview Nintendo network for Super Famicon in Japan. The game’s title would lead you to believe it is a game for people that love golf but might not be very good at it. The game play feels like a mixture of Miniature golf and regular golf combined. The courses are really small feeling, and there are things to pick up or hit along the way such as you would find in miniature golf; however, most courses have no sides keeping you in bounds at all times, like typically associated with miniature golf, and you are required to do things like read the greens to find out how a ball will behave around the cup. There are also hazards such as sand bunkers and water which tend to be associated with regular golf and give you stroke penalties just like regular golf.

Genre(s): Sports

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