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Platform: PC

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Roland Studios

Publishers(s): Roland Studios

ReleaseDate: 2015-08-21

Players: 1

Co-op: No


Daydreamer is a platformer based in a beautifully-illustrated Post-Apocalyptic World from the mind of artist Roland Womack. As the last human survivor, you are on a quest to rescue the Immortal Gatekeeper, the last hope for a dying world. The game focuses on high-intensity Boss Battles in a classic 90s Arcade fashion with a modern twist that incorporates support characters to aid you in battle. Fight your way through 14 unique bosses across a set of imaginative dreamscapes, employing a number of weapons and abilities to overcome your foes and the environment. [Best played with a Gamepad, unless you are keanu reeves with a keyboard]

ESRB Rating: T - Teen

Genre(s): Action

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