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Platform: Sega CD

Developer(s): Aisystem Tokyo | Taito Corporation

Publishers(s): Taito Corporation

ReleaseDate: 1993-05-28

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Night Striker

Night Striker (ナイトストライカー) is an arcade game developed by Taito. It is a futuristic on-the-rails shooter which plays similarly to Sega's Space Harrier, though has you pilot a hover vehicle instead. The game was brought to the Sega Mega-CD in 1993, where graphically it was downscaled for the weaker hardware. It was also brought to the Sega Saturn as Night Striker S (ナイトストライカーS) in 1996 - essentially the same game, but with an extra "Saturn Mode" and a few small enhancements. No versions have ever left Japan.

Genre(s): Shooter

Other Graphic(s)

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