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Platform: Colecovision

Developer(s): Chris Oberth

Publishers(s): Micro Fun

ReleaseDate: 1984-01-01

Co-op: No

One-on-One Basketball

Control either Julius Erving or Larry Bird in front of a single basket, in a game of one on one. The user can select to play either to a certain score or for a certain amount of time. When on offense, the player can rotate to keep away from his rival, take a shot from a distance or move in to the basket for special up-close slam-dunks. When on defense, you can try to take your rival's ball or jump up to block a shot. Particularly good set-ups get a slow-motion replay. You can even smash the glass on the backboard, which will send an irate janitor onto the court to clean up the mess.

Genre(s): Sports

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