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Platform: PC

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): X-Bow Software

Publishers(s): 1C Company

ReleaseDate: 2007-06-29

Co-op: No

Classic Car Racing

Classic Car Racing lets the player race classic retro automobiles from the 40's to the 60's in colourful summer environments. The game can be played in both arcade and simulator modes depending on the experience of the player. The game features a career mode where the player get to compete over several races that add up to overall standings. The player can race with fourteen different cars although only five of these are available from the start. By performing well the player earns money which he can use to buy the other more expensive cars. Money can also be used to customize the cars. The game features a virtual shop where the player can buy spare parts. The parts that can be upgraded are engine, suspension, brakes, transmission, body, tyres and paints. There's a number of tweaking options for the cars. The player can choose different setting for suspension height and stiffness, brake application effort and bias, steering angle, gear ratio as well as automatic, semi-automatic or manual gearbox. Once in the driver seat, the player controls his cars from a third person perspective. To his help the interface features information about his current status in the race such as speed, gear and position. As the player progresses he earns bonus points which are converted into money. It's also possible to drift which there also is a bonus point award for. The player can also see what components of his car are damaged. To much damage and he might not be able to complete the race. Each race is against three AI controlled racers and all of the routes are located in sunny and colourful environments often close to the sea where lightly clad sun bathers cheer on the drivers.

Genre(s): Racing

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