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Platform: TurboGrafx CD

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Hudson Soft

Publishers(s): SNK

ReleaseDate: 1994-03-26

Players: 2

Co-op: No

Art of Fighting

Also know as: RYŪKO NO KEN

A conversion of the 1992 Neo Geo game, Art of Fighting is based around two main characters - Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia who set out to find Ryo's kindapped sister. Gameplay consists of standard 3 rounds one-on-one beat 'em up action with a spirit gauge that is combo charged for special attack power (think Street Fighter II's Had?ken). Every couple of stages you also get the chance to increase your stats a little by playing one of three mini games. These are fairly simple and usually involve a bit of timing or button bashing.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Fighting

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