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Platform: PC

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Attic Entertainment Software GmbH

Publishers(s): Fantasy Productions Verlags- und Medienvertriebsgesellschaft mbH

ReleaseDate: 1992-01-01

Co-op: No

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny

This is the first part of a computer trilogy of Germany´s most popular and successful P&P-RPG "Das Schwarze Auge". You can create a party of six characters to explore a lovely crafted world called Aventurien. Each player is represented by a very detailed skill and attribute system, which is as complex as the well known AD&D game system. In the first part of the trilogy, it is your task to stop Orkish hordes from plundering human settlements in the borderlands of Aventurien. Therefore you´ll have to recover a mysterious sword forged by cyclops, called "Die Schicksalsklinge (=Blade of Destiny)". Little is known about this sword and it will take a while to discover it and its secrets.

Genre(s): Role-Playing

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