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Platform: Magnavox Odyssey 2

Region: NTSC

Country: United States of America

Developer(s): Magnavox

ReleaseDate: 1979-05-01

Players: 2

Co-op: No

Armored Encounter / Sub Chase

ARMORED ENCOUNTER! Press A on the alpha-numeric keyboard for a tank engagement in open country. The screen will automatically display two tanks and a digital timer which will immediately begin the countdown for a three minute game. The timer is flanked by two digital scoring indicators which are color coded to match the tanks. The electronic tanks are programmed to simulate the operation of real tanks with a remarkable degree of authenticity. A real tank is turned by slowing down one of the treads and speeding up the other. Your electronic tank is turned the same way. - Push the joy stick of the hand control to the right, and the tank will rotate clockwise to the right. - Push the joy stick to the left, and the tank will rotate counterclockwise to the left. - Push the joystick forward to make the tank go forward. - Push the joy stick backward to shift the tank's engines into reverse and make it go backward. Each tank carries twenty rounds of ammunition. To fire a round, press the action button on your hand control. A player scores one point for every direct hit of the opposing tank. The winner is the player who scores the most hits during the three minute engagement. You will receive a visual signal when your tank is low on ammunition. The last three rounds will change color. This tells you it's time to change from an aggressive strategy to evasive action to keep your opponent's score as low as possible. All action will automatically stop when the digital timer reaches 00:00 or when both tanks are out of ammunition. To start a new game, press RESET and SELECT GAME will appear on the screen. Many kinds of tank engagements are possible. - You can play over open country. - You can play over hilly terrain signified by barriers which neither tanks nor firepower can penetrate. - You can play over mountainous terrain with more complex barriers which will stop both tanks and their firepower. - You can play over minefields represented by X's on the screen. If a tank hits a mine, it will explode and score a point for the opposing side. - You can even arm the tanks with guided missiles. Control the missile by turning the joy stick on the hand control unit. (IMPORTANT! Tank will also rotate.) Press A: Open country with cannon. Press B: Simple barriers with cannon. Press C: Complex barriers with cannon. Press D: Open country with guided missiles. Press E: Simple barriers with guided missiles. Press F: Complex barriers with guided missiles. Press G: Open country - minefields - cannon. Press H: Simple barriers - minefields - cannon. Press I: Complex barriers - minefields - cannon. Press J: Open country - minefields - guided missiles. Press K: Simple barriers - minefields - guided missiles. Press L: Complex barriers - minefields - guided missiles. To play again, press the RESET key on the alpha-numeric keyboard and SELECT GAME will reappear. Then press the letter keying the game you wish to select. SUB-CHASE! Press the RESET key on the alpha-numeric keyboard. SELECT GAME will appear on screen. Press 1 on the alpha-numeric keyboard. Hawk hunter-killer jets cruise the skies. Shark missile-launching submarines lurk beneath the ocean. Neutral ships sail on the water's surface. A digital timer immediately starts counting down a three minute engagement at the top of the screen. Digital scoring indicators flank the bottom of the screen. They are color coded to match the planes and the subs. The right hand control unit controls the submarine. Pull the joy stick towards you to submerge. Push it away from you to ascend. To increase speed, push the joy stick to the right. To decrease speed, push it to the left. Fire a missile by pressing the action button on the hand control. Control its flight pattern with the joy stick. The left hand control unit controls the jet. Push the joy stick forward to gain altitude. Pull it towards you to lose altitude. Push the joy stick left to fly full throttle. Push it to the right to diminish speed.Press the action button to launch missiles. Control the flight of the missiles with the joy stick. As you control the missiles with the joy stick, it will continue to control your craft to aid in evasive action. Each player gets one point for every hit. A hit on a neutral vessel subtracts one point from the player's score. The winner is the player scoring the most points during the three minute battle. To play again, push RESET and SELECT GAME will appear on the screen. Press 1: Guided missiles - rear launch pattern. Press 2: Unguided missiles - rear launch pattern. Press 3: Guided missiles - forward launch pattern.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Action

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