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Platform: Magnavox Odyssey 2

Region: NTSC

Country: United States of America

Developer(s): Magnavox

Publishers(s): Magnavox

ReleaseDate: 1978-01-01

Players: 1

Co-op: No


Also know as: American Football | Futebol Americano!

Press 1 on the alpha-numeric keyboard for COLLEGIATE level game! (normal speed). Press 2 on the alpha-numeric keyboard for PRO level game! (High speed). (It is recommended that you start at the COLLEGIATE LEVEL). The referee's whistle blows and the teams will appear in their huddles. The ball is on the thirty yard line. The scoreboard is at the top of the screen. A digital clock is at the center. It automatically counts down the seconds for a three minute game and only operates during the plays. Digital readouts at either side of the screen show the score for their respective teams. The left hand scoring indicator shows the score for the team at the left side of the field. The right hand scoring indicator shows the score for the team at the right side of the field. The number at the top edge of the field keeps track of the downs and will follow the ball as a yardage marker. It will change colors to indicate the team in possession of the ball. The team at the left side of the field will always have first possession of the ball. Players should alternate hand controls after each game. The offensive team has four down to score on each possession of the ball. Touchdown: 7 points Field goal: 3 points The offense has six running/passing option plays available. They differ in the lineup of the team and in the automated running pattern of the wide receiver - the only player eligible to receive a pass. The defense has a selection of plays specifically designed to neutralize the offensive effort. If the defense correctly guesses the offensive play, the wide receiver will automatically be covered by one of the defensive ends and the quarterback will be under maximum pressure from the automated defensive line. Good offensive strategy dictates constantly varying plays in an effort to gain the most yardage. If the offensive captain considers his team to be out of touchdown range on a fourth down, he can elect to try for a field goal. (Play #7 on the hand control.) If the offensive team is deep within its own territory on the fourth down, it is good strategy to go for a punt which will give the team far better defensive positioning when the ball changes hands. Activate play #8 on the hand control. Plays are selected by the offensive and defensive teams while the players are in their huddles. The play is selected by moving the joy stick of the hand control to the proper location as indicated on the play selector diagram. While holding the joy stick at this position, each player enters the play into the computer by pressing the action button on the hand control. (If plays are not selected within 25 seconds, play #1 will be activated automatically by the computer.) When both players have entered their plays into the computer, the player captaining the offensive team hikes the ball to his quarterback by pressing the action button on his hand control. The quarterback of the offensive team is the player just behind the center. He and his wide receiver are easily recognizable by having thinner necks than the rest of the team. The key player on the defensive team is the linebacker. He also is differentiated by having a thinner neck than the rest of the players on his team. When the play is activated by the player captaining the offensive team, all of the offensive players except the quarterback will go into motion automatically and follow the pattern of the chosen play. The quarterback remains under control of the joy stick of the offensive team's hand control unit. The quarterback has a running or passing option on all plays except #7 (Field goal attempt and #8 (Punt). The horizontal and vertical movement of the joy stick controls his running pattern. Press the action button to fire the pass. The vertical set of the joy stick at the moment you press the action button will determine the direction of the pass. If the joy stick is pushed away from you, the pass will angle towards the top of the screen. Pull the joy stick towards you to angle the pass down screen. Center the joy stick to pass up the middle. (Note: the horizontal position of the joy stick will have no effect on the direction the pass travels.) The pass can only be caught by the wide receiver. The pass is complete if the ball intersects with his automated running pattern. If the pass is complete, the offensive player's joy stick will control the wide receiver instead of the quarterback so that the play can continue. The quarterback can throw a pass any time before reaching the line of scrimmage, indicated by the down marker. If the quarterback should go behind his own goal line, an automatic "quick kick" will take place to prevent a safety. On-screen electronic sensors enable the defensive linesmen to follow the ball automatically. They will shift their attention from the offensive quarterback to the wide receiver the moment the ball is passed. The defensive linebacker is the only player capable of making an interception and is under the control of the defense player's joy stick. If an interception is made, the whistle blows, play is stopped and the defensive team has possession of the ball. The player captaining the offensive team may elect to try for a field goal at any time by invoking play #7 on the hand control. The game ends after three minutes have gone by on the clock. Action will be frozen and the team with the highest score is the winner. If a play is in progress when time expires, the play is allowed to continue until its completion. To play again, press the RESET key and SELECT GAME will appear on the screen. Then press 1 or 2 on the alpha-numeric keyboard for a slow or fast game respectively.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Sports

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