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Platform: Ouya

Developer(s): Fayju

Publishers(s): Fayju

ReleaseDate: 2013-04-05

Players: 2

Co-op: Yes

Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog, the super hero of Swindon, and is only on OUYA.. Run around as Stunt jumpin' frogs and throw yourself off of buildings and into cars ... bounce yourself into the clouds for 'Mad Air". On your own or with a friend causing destruction to the environment and also your self. Pick things up and throw them around. 1.3.6 - The TV update, find all the old TV's and load them into the Dumpsters for a surprise. This update is mainly to address an issue in the Holiday update, but we couldn't just submit a Fix we had to put some new features and improvements in. 1.3.5 -This update is to celebrate the holidays Adds a giant Toilet to discover in the Sewers Some Test Cars to drive and a giant Snow mans Head :0) Among other updates and enhancements 1.3 - The Halloween Special: He's Back - Smoother, faster and more agile VS Mode - compete one on one in shooting, jumping and catching More Levels - Morning Noon and Night Explore the Darker depths of Swindon in the Sewers. And for this Halloween Special we've added Zombies, Cos we all love Zombies. And a whole bunch of other things to explore and fall over, into and onto. We want this game to be Awesome so Keep feeding back to us @Fayju and of Facebook. We love seeing your pics and videos. Lots more to come. Amazing Frog will be embarking on the Swindon Space Program very soon.

Genre(s): Sandbox

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