front cover

Platform: Nintendo GameCube

Developer(s): Infogrames Sheffield House

Publishers(s): Infogrames Entertainment

ReleaseDate: 2003-03-12

Players: 4

Co-op: No

Micro Machines

Polygonal top down racer that retains the basic gameplay of the 2D original. Players spend most of their time in the game's aptly titled "race" mode, piloting their diminutive vehicle around tracks built into huge streets, a bizarre sci-fi themed toy room, a barn, and so on, for a total of eight environments, with two tracks apiece. There are eight characters in all. Will you be the angry looking policeman, or the lady in a spacesuit who sounds like a man? The choice is yours. Each character comes with a matching vehicle. The redneck has a truck, the Crocodile Hunter ripoff has a jeep, and so on. There are vehicle specific abilities for each ride that can be turned off and on

Genre(s): Racing

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