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Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Color

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Crawfish Interactive

Publishers(s): Infogrames Entertainment

ReleaseDate: 2000-05-15

Co-op: No

Driver: You Are The Wheelman

In Driver, the driving (pun intended) force of the world is crime. The main character, an ex-race car driver, takes on the role of an undercover cop. It seems your superior officer has decided to put your talents to the test. He orders you to infiltrate the local mob group, and to help bring it down from the inside. As a result, the game takes place from the perspective of a low-level gang member. The action speeds into a number of different cities, ranging from San Francisco to Miami. It is on the streets that the main part of the game will take place. Basically, Driver is broken into a number of mini-missions. In total, over 30 different challenges await the persistent gamer. The missions are divided between the various locales of the game. The different assignments will each require a special tactic. As an example, consider the mission in which the objective is to destroy an enemy getaway vehicle. In such a situation, the primary goal is to keep an eye on the target and ram it into submission. If the orders are to pick up a gang member within a time limit, speed and secrecy become of utmost importance. If the cops see the exchange, the badges will be on you like glue. Each situation will require a measure of thought and intelligence. Driver also offers a couple of extra side games. The survival mode sets the player against a horde of maniacal police officers. The crazed cops will do anything to smash you into submission. The result is a race through the city with a bunch of cops on your tail. It is a test of endurance. In the getaway mode, the idea is to flee for safety from the encroaching stiffs. The game places you in an area of the city, with a cop on your tail. Your only goal is to avoid the authorities. Be careful, though, as the cops may set up a roadblock to impede your progress. Driver is designed with the Game Boy Color in mind. It offers a password save system to keep your data under wraps.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Racing

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