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Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

Region: Region Not Set

Developer(s): Rainbow Arts

Publishers(s): Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

ReleaseDate: 1995-11-15

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Rendering Ranger: R2

Also know as: レンダリング・レンジャーR2

The Rendering Ranger has travelled far, crossing galaxies and boldly faced the perils of the black hole. With lethal and malignant certainty, The Cube has been lurking for aeons, waiting just for him. Showing its demonic features, core of evil, black and old, legions of unholy creatures breath fire. Utmost evil's incarnation, the Silver Hero stands tall. In this quest for domination, who will win and who will fall? Spilling blood and raging fire is the price they have to pay. Evil doomed to funeral pyre. Yes, It's Armageddon Day!

Trailer: YouTube

Genre(s): Action

Other Graphic(s)

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