front cover

Platform: PC

Developer(s): White Birds Productions

Publishers(s): Micro Application, S.A. | Ubisoft Entertainment

ReleaseDate: 2006-04-21

Co-op: No


# Paradise PC From the creator of the award-wining series Syberia comes Benoit Sokal s fascinating new work, Paradise. Sokal s latest adventure game masterpiece is set in four different worlds in the heart of darkest Africa. From the arid lands of Madargane to the dense jungle of the Maurane river, the world is both primitive and contemporary. Fraught with political turmoil, the lush landscapes are beautiful and dangerous.You play Ann Smith, a young woman suffering from amnesia struggling to make her way home and avoid the conflict surrounding her. To discover her true identity, she must escort a strange black leopard back to the land where it was born. Follow Ann through her journey as she finds clues to her identity and unravels the truth behind her mysterious past. A benchmark in art direction: Benoit Sokal, creator of the award-winning Syberia series contributes his unique vision in 4 visually dazzling worlds with over 360 backgrounds and Rembrandt-style lighting. # Unique Storyline: Ann Smith, estranged daughter of an African dictator, loses her identity and must journey through uncharted Africa to unravel her past and the mysterious existence of her leopard companion. # Unique Setting: First Adventure game to feature landscapes of Africa as a backdrop. # Play as the leopard: When day turns to night, players become the leopard and move in real time, climbing trees, leaping boundaries and frightening humans. This option adds a real-time element to the traditional point and click gameplay. # Puzzle solutions are seamlessly embedded into the story: For example, players must find a way to speak with the well-guarded prince, so they must pose as one of his wives to gain access (no gadgets or levers to pull).

Trailer: YouTube

ESRB Rating: T - Teen

Genre(s): Adventure

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