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Platform: Nintendo Switch

Region: Other

Publishers(s): Assemble Entertainment

ReleaseDate: 2023-12-21

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Three Minutes to Eight

Three Minutes To Eight is a mind-bending pixel art adventure game. Set in the near future, "Three Minutes To Eight" is a mind-bending pixel art adventure game that breaks the mold by introducing an intriguing twist: the protagonist is destined to meet their demise at precisely 07:57 PM. However, hope is not lost. It's up to you to unravel what lies beneath, uncover secret paths, find ways to cheat death, and unlock multiple endings. Each run is distinct, with randomized elements and unique events, urging you to revisit the game multiple times to discover all its hidden mysteries. Find yourself in an ever-evolving gaming experience, mimicking a borderline state of mind that teeters on the edge of consciousness, where everything is possible yet remains elusive. • Embark on a unique adventure, while exploring philosophical themes, such as self-reflection, free will, and the nature of time and the universe • Experience an unusual gameplay loop where the main character always dies at 7:57pm • Find a way to escape death and reach one of the 10+ endings • Immerse yourself in an ever-changing narrative: each run is different, with randomized characters, environments, and elements • Cyber punk aesthetics: beautiful pixel art characters and frame by frame animations, blended with 3D voxel environments, creating a distinctive visual style

ESRB Rating: T - Teen

Genre(s): Adventure | Puzzle

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