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Platform: PC

Region: NTSC

Country: United States of America

Publishers(s): JAST USA

ReleaseDate: 2010-06-29

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Moero Downhill Night 2

Also know as: Downhill Night 2

A generation has passed since the glory days of racing in Downhill Night, and the once heart-pounding races have faded into nostalgic legend. But a new epic tale is about to begin, with a need for speed, topped with sex and romance. In Moero Downhill Night 2, the cast of girls is great, and where the trills of sex increase as the accelerator hits the floor. Help the girls win their races, and you'll be rewarded once you get back to the pit. The sequel to Moero Downhill Night 1, with even more gorgeous girls, super racing CGs, and intense, uncensored sexual scenes. Story Akito, a young college student, has a fascination for racing games and spends all his spare money at the local arcade. His dream of being a racer is only that, a dream until he met Rinka, a racer in her own right with the local Yotsuya Four Knights auto club. One day, as she was showing off her car to Akita, a punk challenged Rinka to a driving battle, placing her ass as the prize. With her pride and body on the line, Akito must use his virtual navigation skills in the real world and help her win the race. If Akito can keep his cool, it might be hot between him and Rinka, or with the other girls who've started to notice his skills as a race navigator.

ESRB Rating: AO - Adult Only 18+

Genre(s): Adventure | Racing | Life Simulation

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