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Platform: Sony Playstation 5

Region: NTSC-U

Country: United States of America

Developer(s): MidBoss

Publishers(s): Serenity Forge

ReleaseDate: 2024-05-16

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Read Only Memories: Neurodiver [Collector's Edition]

Take on the role of a gifted esper, ES88, and hunt down the Golden Butterfly, a powerful rogue telepath who's hidden themselves away in the memories of the citizens of Neo-San Francisco. With the help of the genetically engineered psionic creature known as the Neurodiver, ES88 will dive into the memories and take on the roles of some familiar faces to the series, including Jess Meas, the gene-spliced, hybrid lawyer, TOMCAT, the notorious hacker, and Lexi Rivers, former police officer turned private eye. Identify, manipulate and unlock information in these memories to help resolve the case of the Golden Butterfly! * Physical Collector's Edition was made available at retail in late 2024. Features: - The long-awaited sequel to 2064: Read Only Memories takes you back to Neo-San Francisco in an all-new "psy-fi" adventure. Meet new inhabitants and reconnect with old favorites from the world of Read Only Memories. - Take on the the role of newly qualified ESPer, ES88, to track down the mysterious Golden Butterfly. Work with the Neurodiver, ES88's psychic sidekick, to dive into people's minds and repair their wrecked recollections. - Immerse yourself in the beautiful pixel art world that takes you around Neo-SF, the halls of the secretive Minerva agency, and within the depths of people's memories. - Beautifully drawn and animated characters are brought to life with superb voice acting. New heroes and villains are joined by old favorites Lexi Rivers, Turing, and TOMCAT from 2064: Read Only Memories. - Indulge your senses in the sharp and glossy retro tones of Neo-SF's FM synth soundscape as you dive deep into people's minds to track down the cunning Golden Butterfly. - In-Game Text: English, French, German, Japanese, Simplied Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese. In-Game Voice: English. Collector's Edition contents: - PS5 Physical Game (with Illustrated Inner Coversheet) - Collector's Box - Instruction Manual - Prismatic Sticker Sheet - Artbook - Double-Sided Acrylic Charm - Neurodiver Plush - Download Card Code: Digital Soundtrack

Trailer: YouTube

ESRB Rating: RP - Rating Pending

Genre(s): Adventure

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