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Platform: Microsoft Xbox Series X

Region: NTSC-U

Developer(s): Squanch Games

ReleaseDate: 2024-02-27

Players: 1

Co-op: No

High on Life [Collector's Edition]

Fresh out of high school with no job and no ambition, you’ve got nothing going for you until an alien cartel that wants to get high off humanity invades Earth. Now, you and a team of charismatic talking guns must answer the hero's call and become the deadliest intergalactic bounty hunter the cosmos has ever seen. Travel to a variety of biomes and locations across the cosmos, go up against the nefarious Garmantuous and his gang of goons, collect loot, meet unique characters, and more, in the latest comedy adventure from Squanch Games! FEATURES - Rescue and team up with charismatic, talking guns to become the deadliest intergalactic bounty hunter the cosmos has ever seen. - Navigate dynamic and changing worlds that range from a jungle paradise, to a city built inside an asteroid, the hub of the cosmos. - Leverage the unique skills of each gun to go up against a variety of criminals as you track down the nefarious Garmantuous and his gang of alien goons. - Complete hunter challenges, meet weird, fun and hilarious characters, collect an array of alien technology, and more! - Includes High on Knife DLC: Hunt an entirely new bounty on a new adventure that’s basically a mini-sequel to the main game. Hack and blast your way through the depths of an ominous shipping warehouse as you search for a mysterious package that holds the key to Knifey’s origins…or die trying! Or do both! Knock yourself out. COLLECTOR’S EDITION The collector's edition includes: - 48-page, collector's edition exclusive art book - High On Life official soundtrack - 11" x 17" Buck Thunder II - Xenoslaughter Poster - Moplet stress ball (give 'em a squeeze!) - Knifey keychain - One sick sticker sheet

Trailer: YouTube

ESRB Rating: M - Mature 17+

Genre(s): Adventure | Shooter

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