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Platform: Sony Playstation

Developer(s): Miracle Designs

Publishers(s): Mud Duck Productions

ReleaseDate: 2003-12-01

Co-op: No

ATV Racers

ATV Racers features a variety of animals who are out to win an ATV racing championship through means of vehicular combat racing. The game features a Tournament, Arcade, and Time Trial mode. In tournament mode, players get to choose one of the 10 (8 are selectable from the start and 2 are unlockable) animal racers to race with. The tournament offers three different sets of trophy races; the cross cup, dune cup, and the rock cup. Each cup consists of 3 different racetracks; underground, red rock, and atlantis. These 3 racetracks get altered depending on what cup the player is competing for. When racing, players attempt to beat the five opponents they are up against to the finish line. To help achieve this goal, players can shoot guided rockets, use speed boosts, and lay mines to hinder their opponents. The higher the position the player gets in a race, the more points they earn. The player with the most points after all the races are done wins the championship cup.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Racing

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