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Platform: Microsoft Xbox 360

Region: PAL

Country: Poland

Developer(s): Crytek GmbH

Publishers(s): Electronic Arts

ReleaseDate: 2013-02-19

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 is the third installment in a series of futuristic shooters in which the player puts on a technologically advanced nanosuit. The production was prepared by the authors of the brand from the German studio Crytek. The developer is also known for its great CryEngine graphics engine.In the third installment of the Crysis series, we move to 2047 and play as the owner of the Prophet nanosuit, who fights against the alien Ceph race and the Cell corporation. The company led to the creation of a giant dome in New York. Inside there is a diverse microworld called the "Seven Wonders". The Prophet goes to this place to find out the truth about Cell's plans and take revenge for the previous events.Crytek decided to prepare more diverse locations than in the previous installments of its flagship series. This time we visit the mentioned dome, which hides seven different types of terrain - from dense forests with overgrown trees, through swamps, to rushing rivers. This diversity allowed us to once again show the power of the CryEngine 3 engine, which allows us to generate truly impressive images. Crysis 3 is still a pseudo-sandbox shooter based on advanced weapons. The new toy that the creators have given players is a compound bow. The game also includes the Typhoon rapid-firing machine gun and the Heavy Mortar plasma cannon with considerable destructive power. The manufacturer has also expanded the capabilities of the nanosuit, i.e. armor that guarantees extraordinary strength, durability and camouflage - thanks to it we can hack selected elements of the environment and use them in the fight against the enemy. All these gadgets and options can be used both in the solo campaign and in the extensive multiplayer mode.

Trailer: YouTube

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Shooter

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