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Platform: Sony Playstation

Developer(s): 989 Studios

Publishers(s): Sony

Co-op: No

Supercross Circuit

Each rider comes equipped with real bikes and equipment from the SuperCross Circuit. Once you've selected a biker and his gear you can go onto one of the 21 authentic SuperCross and MotoCross tracks, or hit one of the "local" tracks. Each course is littered with jumps, bumps, spills, and thrills. Why don't you try and catch some big air off one of the jumps? The crowd will go nuts! You don't just have to go for a big jump either, as the game features 15 different tricks that can be pulled off, such as "nac-nacs" and heel clickers. Now that you know what the game features, look what you can do for competition. You can enter a Career mode, a Two-Player Season Competition, or just go and have a Free Ride for big air and lots of tricks. During your Season modes, you'll go to all of the courses in the game, including twisting courses like Bank One Ballpark. Another feature in the game is the Track Editor. From here you can create a completely original track of your own design that begs for skill to be used, or throw caution to the wind with full-fledged hills and jumps all the way.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Racing | Sports |

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