front cover

Platform: Gamate

Region: Other

Country: Taiwan

Developer(s): Bit Corporation

Publishers(s): Bit Corporation

ReleaseDate: 1970-01-01

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Famous 7

"Lover of adventure and danger, Garcia is a fighter with years of experience with all flavors of weird monsters and beasts. Garcia is also an explosives expert, familiar with a hundred and one ways of blowing up a building. One day, Garcia gets a letter from his old friend Marques: 'Garcia, My son has been taken hostage by monsters, and is being held at the Magic Palace. Not only is my son there, but so are many other innocent children who are being held for ransom. I beg you to think of a way to rescue all these children. The wretched Monster Gang is reaching out its evil hand again to do bad in our world. Sincerely Yours, Marques' Reading this, Garcia immediately went into action. Packing a large supply os short-fuse bombs on his body, he headed to Magic Place. Strangely, the atmosphere inside of Magic Palace had become dark and eery. Thousands of monsters and beasts attacked Garcia to hold him back. After many fiery battles, Garcia was almost exhausted, but only after retrieving 3 safety permits, and saving on chold can he go on to rescue the rest of the chioldren." Garcia was clearly on the "A" team... But interestingly, on the box, things are slightly different: "Midge is a fierce warrior who enjoys the excitement of battle. He is trained in warfare and is also an explosives expert. When his close friend sends for ehlp, Midge sets off immediately to the rescue, though this means entering the camp of the evil necromancer, who has recently extended his power in the world. The necromancer's camp is situated in a children's fun fair. The little children and the small animals have all become demons under the necromancer's evil influence. Arming himself with powerful weapons, Midge alone sets out to break into the necromancer's camp. A terrible batle is about to begin!!"

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Action | Fighting

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