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Platform: Nintendo 64

Region: PAL

Developer(s): Nintendo EAD

Publishers(s): Nintendo

ReleaseDate: 1997-06-30

Players: 4

Co-op: No

Lylat Wars

Also know as: Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64 (Japanese: スターフォックス64 Hepburn: Sutā Fokkusu Rokujūyon?), known in Australia and Europe as Lylat Wars, is a 3D scrolling shooter game themed around aircraft combat for the Nintendo 64 video game console. It is a reboot of the original Star Fox, and the only game in the Star Fox series to be released on the Nintendo 64. An autostereoscopic remake, titled Star Fox 64 3D, was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2011. Star Fox 64 was the first Nintendo 64 game to have included support for the Rumble Pak, with which it initially came bundled. The game received critical acclaim for its smooth animation, detailed visuals, voice acting, and use of multiple gameplay paths. Star Fox 64 is set on a group of planets in the Lylat system. Ingenious scientist Andross, a native of the fourth planet Corneria, is driven to madness and nearly destroys the planet using biological weapons. For Andross' treason, General Pepper exiles the scientist to the remote planet Venom. Five years after Andross' exile, Pepper detects suspicious activity on Venom.[7] Pepper hires the Star Fox team (consisting of James McCloud, Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar) to investigate. When the three arrive at Venom, Pigma betrays the team, which causes James and Peppy to be captured by Andross. Peppy escapes and tells James' son, Fox McCloud, about his father's fate. A few years later, Andross launches an attack across the Lylat system. Realizing that his army cannot stop Andross, Pepper summons the Star Fox team, now consisting of Fox, Peppy, Falco Lombardi and Slippy Toad.[8] While traveling through several planets, including the Lylat system's star, Solar, and the asteroid field Meteo, the team battles with several of Andross' henchmen, including the rival mercenaries, Star Wolf. Story: After arriving in Venom, Fox defeats Andross, but discovers that it is actually a robotic version of himself and destroys it, leaving Andross drifting in the Lylat System. Fox decides to redeem himself by returning to Venom and defeat Star Wolf once again. When Fox defeats Andross once more, he reveals his true form, a floating brain with two floating eyes. After killing Andross, James appears to show Fox the way out, then vanishes immediately after. Escaping the lair's destruction, Star Fox returns to Corneria for a victory celebration, as the game's end credits roll. When offered membership into the Cornerian Army, Fox declines on behalf of his team; saying "Oh no, sir. We prefer doing things our own way". The game ends with the Great Fox and the Star Fox team flying off in their Arwings into the skies.

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Shooter

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