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Platform: PC

Region: NTSC

Developer(s): EA - Maxis

Publishers(s): Maxis Software

ReleaseDate: 2000-02-02

Players: 1

Co-op: No

SimMania Pack

SimCity Classic: The original city simulator. A true classic in computer entertainment, SimCity dares you to design and build the city of your dreams. SimCity took the computer world by storm (well, by earthquake anyway), stretched the bounds of entertainment software, and tore down the wall between fun and learning. With its simple interface and the ability to run on almost any computer, SimCity Classic is the best introduction to both simulation games and city planning on this or any other planet. SimTower: The vertical empire. Start by building a small office complex: a lobby, a few offices, and a café. Expand by adding more floors, more offices, and elevators. Then diversify to hotel rooms, shops, theaters, restaurants, condos, and more as you build your way to the top. Success in SimTower requires design talent, management skills, business acumen, and the ability to keep your customers happy. Be on the lookout for fires, insect infestations, terrorists, and--you'll find out soon enough. Streets of SimCity: It's your city to cruise through or bruise through. Check out one of over 50 built-in cities, or take on opponents in an urban free-for-all while skidding, bootlegging, and blasting away. Speed through a sprawling metropolis or tackle one of Streets's rim-rattling missions. On the Streets of SimCity, you set the road rules. Combat up to seven other players in network mode over LAN, Internet, or modem. SimCopter: Fly missions in the metropolis. Attention SimCopter pilot: you're cleared for a rooftop landing, where the local temperature is a balmy 678. That's because there's a five-alarm fire in progress, not to mention rampant riots and SimCitizens running for their SimLives. So soar through 30 built-in cities in hyper-realistic 3-D and perform death-defying missions. Complete your heroics and receive your rewards: a snazzier copter, a tougher mission, and more near-death experiences. SimIsle: Missions in the rain forest. OK, so you're the king of the forest--make that rain forest. Now what are you going to do? You'd better decide fast because there are miners, poachers, petrochemical companies, endangered species, tourists, polluters, ecologists, natural disasters, and even UFOs, all vying for your attention--and for your resources. With teams of agents at your command, you'll embark on missions to determine the fate of a series of island rain forests. SimSafari: Create and explore your own African safari park and camp. SimSafari brings Africa to you! Imagine yourself in rugged bush country, peering through binoculars at vast herds of elephants, zebras, and lions. Choose from exotic plants and wildlife to create your own safari park. Team with a neighboring village and build a flourishing safari camp.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Life Simulation

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