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Platform: Amiga

Region: Other

Publishers(s): Logotron

ReleaseDate: 1988-01-01

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Star Goose!

Star Goose (stylized with an exclamation mark and sometimes Stargoose) is a vertically scrolling shooter that was published for the Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS by Logotron in 1988. The player controls Scouser-Gitt, who pilots the eponymous Star Goose, a vessel that has been commissioned to scour the planet Nom and collect 48 crystals. Players must collect all six crystals in each of the game's eight levels to advance, while at the same time avoiding or destroying enemies and maintaining their shield, ammunition, and fuel levels. The game's surfaces are contoured, which affects the way that bullets travel, and contain tunnels that switch modes to a three-dimensional perspective where the player can replenish their resources. Developed by Steve Cain and Graham Everett, the original concept was a racing game based on the three-dimensional tunnel mode, but this idea was scrapped after the designers became unsatisfied with the results. Originally priced at £19.95, the game received mixed reviews for its Amiga release, and negative ones for the Atari ST version, with reviewers praising the graphics, but criticizing the lack of variety in the gameplay, its difficulty, and the audio. Re-releases in 1991 at budget prices were better received. Star Goose is a single-player vertically scrolling shooter where the player controls the character of Scouser-Gitt, a pilot who flies the eponymous Star Goose vessel. In the game's background story, Scouser-Gitt is an experienced, but disgraced fighter pilot who is recruited by a Tribal Elder to recover 48 crystals from the planet Nom by raiding the military's ammunition dumps. There are six crystals located on each of the game's eight levels, and the player must retrieve all of them to advance. To do so, they must either bypass or destroy the planet's defense systems, which include missile launchers, gun turrets, mines, and vessels piloted by enemy warriors. Star Goose begins with a mother ship dropping off Scouser-Gitt directly above the surface of the area in a Star Goose ship. Each level wraps-around, and thus the player returns to the start of the level once they have traveled through it and will do so again unless all six crystals have been collected. The player begins with four lives and receives an extra life with every 100,000 points. When the player runs out of lives, they have the option to restart the game on the level they were playing previously. The default weapon is a forward-facing gun, but the Star Goose is also equipped with a limited supply of missiles that can be fired from either side of the vehicle and destroy enemies on contact. These can be replenished at missile gates located in each level. Each level in the game constantly scrolls the screen upwards and contains contoured hills and valleys that the ship navigates automatically, but affect the direction of the player's bullets. Shots fired will only hit enemies when the ship is traveling at the same level; otherwise they go above or below their targets depending on whether the player is climbing a hill or descending into a valley. The player must also keep track of three gauges: shields, ammunition, and fuel. The former decreases every time the Star Goose collides with an enemy or is hit by their fire, while the latter two are depleted with use. To replenish these metres, the player must enter a tunnel labelled with the resource that they wish to recover; these tunnels are spread across the level on the sides of hills. Upon entering a tunnel, the game switches to a three-dimensional perspective, viewing the Star Goose inside a circular space from behind. These areas contain hovering eyes that can be collected to replenish the gauge. The player can climb the sides of the tunnel, reach the ceiling, and travel in a loop, depending on their speed. If the Star Goose is upside down upon exiting the tunnel, however, it will crash and the player will lose a life. Similar tunnels in the ground at the start of each level serve as a means to connect each level and contain eyes that can be collected for points

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Shooter

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