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Platform: TurboGrafx CD

Developer(s): Dual

Publishers(s): Hudson Entertainment, Inc.

ReleaseDate: 1993-07-30

Co-op: No

Super Air Zonk

Also know as: Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly-Paradise | CD Denjin: Rockabilly Tengoku

Zonk is back in Super Air Zonk!! Now moving to a rockabilly beat and able to transform into nine different characters, Zonk lets loose through seven action-packed stages in another battle against his arch nemesis, Sandro Vitch. Power up Zonk with the classic Meat item, eventually turning him into the champion of justice, Ultra Zonk, or the fearsome Tyrano Zonk in the latter stages of the game. Read More>> After rescuing his friends from enemies, Zonk can also morph with them to combine powers. Fight enemies with killer tunes belted out from a trusty microphone. Hurl freshly made sushi at them. With its variety of wacky attacks, Super Air Zonk has a sense of humor all its own.

Genre(s): Shooter

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